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Mazhanoolkkanavu (2003)

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Mazhanoolkkanavu (2000) malayalam movie is a dramatic and semi-romantic drama. Starring Vineeth Kumar ,Narendra Prasad ,Spadikam George ,Paravoor Bharathan ,Yadu Krishnan ,Jagathy Sreekumar ,Mamukoya ,Augustine,Babu Swamy ,Jijoy Rajagopal ,Subair ,MR Gopakumar ,Yamuna ,Charulatha & others. Directed by Nandakumar Kavil. Mazhavilkkanavu means he drop of rainbow. In society there are some cruked minded beasts who are fond off with molesting woman. They are doing it for just so called pleasure, but for their pleasure the victims have to give their whole lives. Most of them commit suicides. Rest of them are affect with mental cindroms like trauma.Their basic character will be denial. Denial of the effects of the assault, or of the assault itself, is a common reaction during the reorganization phase. Denial may be a component of the survivors' recovery, since it gives them space to catch their breath before beginning the stressful task of processing and resolving the trauma. Denial that lasts longer than a few hours or days, however, is detrimental to their recovery. The survivor may experience phobic reactions to stimuli that remind them of the assault or their assailant. Phobic reactions are extreme manifestations of anxiety. For example, if survivors were assaulted outdoors, they may be afraid to leave the house. If the assailant had alcohol on his/her breath, this odor may remind survivors of the assault and make them nauseous. They may experience a general paranoia, or panic attacks.
In "Mazhanoolkkanavu" the crew is sketched these facts with the help of cinematography in a clock wise mode. In here Varsha Menon has this disaster. When she was in college, she got molested by her lecture's friend Jeevan Thomas. He invited her to join as the heroine in a drama. Because of the pressure form Ashvitha, who is her best friend. At night when they were alone he molested her. She lost her mental balance and had been in mental care hospital. Now Ashwitha is a mental doctor and Varsha is a college lecturer. Now Varsha is living with the revenge mentality. She unleashes her mental depression via painting, medicines and arrogance. She is now a very hard core woman. She goes to have a drink in Bar too. Still now living alone. She had a cousin named Unni, both had loved each other very much. When he came to know about the wiered change is her character he gone to ask Ashwitha. Hearing about the disaster he commit suicide. Since she had lost her parents long ago, now she became quite lonely. This too raised her arrogance. This is the starting mood of the movie. Her college's other lectures are Jaia, Girija, Laitha, Kovilakam. Devadathan etc. All are very envy to her for her bold life. Devadathan is a aged bachelor, and he is font off with women too. He tries his best to have Varsha for his will, but she skips from him tactically. Jithu is a typicla village boy and he is also a painting artist for Hindu rituals. He feel a crush to her. Tony and gang are his seniors. They usually harass him and her. Pappaji, who is Ashwitha's father usuallly encourages Varsha for her paintings. Throughout the movie we can feel the frustrations and metanl depressions of victim in Varsha. Whenver she sees a strange guy she looks keen for Jeeva's face. Mean while Jithu and Varsha became friend. And this disturbs Tony. One night Devadathan's friend tries to molest her in a drunken state. So what may happen? Will the disaster repeat again? Or Will she be saved by Jithu? find out. Watch full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.

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