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1990 - 1999

  • 2:13:38 Coimbathore Mappillai

    Coimbathore Mappillai

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    Directed by C. Ranganthan Produced by M. S. V. Murali Written by C. Ranganthan Starring Vijay, Sanghavi, Karan, Goundamani, Nirmalamma Music by Vidyasagar Cinematography R. Raja Ratnam Edited by C. Cedrick Production company Shree Vijayalakshmi Movieland

  • 2:30:38 Dharmaseelan


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    Directed by Cheyyaaru Ravi Produced by V. Mohan V. Natarajan Written by Agasthiya Vasahan (dialogues) Screenplay by Cheyyaaru Ravi Story by Agasthiya Vasahan Starring Prabhu, Kushboo, Napoleon, Geetha, Salim Ghouse Music by Ilaiyaraaja Cinematography Than

  • 2:29:44 May Madham

    May Madham

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    Directed by Balu Produced by G. Venkateswaran Written by Balu Crazy Mohan Starring Vineeth, Sonali Kulkarni, Manorama Music by A. R. Rahman Cinematography P. C. Sreeram Edited by B. Lenin V. T. Vijayan Production company G. V. Films Distributed by G. V. F

  • 2:24:17 Kalaignan


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    Directed by G. B. Vijay Produced by Ramkumar Ganesan Written by G. B Vijay Rajaram Raghunath (dialogues) Starring Kamal Haasan,Bindiya,Chi. Guru Dutt Music by Ilaiyaraaja Cinematography Jayanan Vincent Edited by R. Mohanraj Production company Sivaji Produ

  • 2:12:46 Ulagesh


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    Ulagesh Tamil Movie Starring– Mammootty, Shweta Menon, Sukumari, Innocent Director – Jomon Genre – Drama

  • 2:21:56 Nilave Vaa

    Nilave Vaa

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    Nilaave Vaa is a 1998 Tamil film which released directed by A. Venkatesh and produced by K. T. Kunjumon.The film stars Vijay and Suvalakshmi in the main lead...

  • 2:16:14 Rajavin Parvayile

    Rajavin Parvayile

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    Superhit Tamil Full Movie HD.

  • 1:54:39 My Dear Marthandan

    My Dear Marthandan

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    My Dear Marthandan | Superhit Tamil Full Movie HD | Prabhu&Khushboo. Directed By Prathap Pothan,Music By Ilayaraja.

  • 2:22:10 Kalaingnan


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    Watch Kalaingnan Tamil Full Movie Latest tamil full movies /tamil full length movies/ tamil latest movies / tamil Hit movies Starring: Kamal Hassan,Bindiya. ...

  • 2:19:48 Naalaiya Theerpu

    Naalaiya Theerpu

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    Watch Naalaiya Theerpu Tamil Full Movie Latest tamil full movies /tamil full length movies/ tamil latest movies / tamil Hit movies Starring: Vijay,Keerthana,...

  • 2:09:09 Alexander


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    Watch Alexander Full Movie. Starring Vijayakanth and Sangeetha. Directed by - K. R. Produced by - Meena Panchu Arunachalam Music Composed by - Karthik Raja V...

  • 2:27:51 Maharasan


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    Maharasan | Superhit Tamil Full Movie HD | kamalahasan Directed by : G. N. Rangarajan Produced by : G. N. Rangarajan Written by : Gopu Babu (dialogues) Scree...

  • 2:05:19 Maaya Bazaar 1995

    Maaya Bazaar 1995

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    Watch Full Length Tamil Movie Maaya Bazaar released in year 1995. Directed by K R, produced by Meena Panju Arunachalam, music by Ilaiyaraaja and starring Urv...

  • 2:35:04 Popular Veera


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  • 2:01:21 Vaanga Partner Vaanga

    Vaanga Partner Vaanga

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    VAANGA PARTNER VAANGA Three business persons experience failure in their venture therfore Lord Vinayagar appears to guide them to success.

  • 2:30:03 Veera Padhakkam

    Veera Padhakkam

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    Veera Padhakkamis a 1994 IndianTamil film, directed byManivannan,starringSathyaraj,Radhika,UrvashiandNizhalgal Raviin lead roles. It was produced by M.Ramanathan.

  • 2:22:43 Veeramani


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  • 2:13:23 Villadhi Villain

    Villadhi Villain

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    Villadhi Villain Meenatchi Sundara Sasthiriyaar (Sathyaraj) is a successful and cunning Brahmin lawyer in the city, and has never lost any case. He is known for his sheer intelligence in the court, also he is very brutal in nature having excessive feeling

  • 2:30:04 Vivasayee Magan

    Vivasayee Magan

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    Vivasayee Magan

  • 2:26:52 Vallal


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    Vallal This movie is about Sathyaraj who loves Roja one-sided and she marries her uncle. Once Manivannan&Roja's husband get into a fight. Unfortunately Roja&her husband die. So Sathyaraj does not marry anyone&Devotes his life for Roja's daught

  • 2:19:50 Watch Man Vadivelu

    Watch Man Vadivelu

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    WATCHMAN VADIVELU Vadivelu, a watchman work hard to educate his kids, whom in turn disappoint their dad by not performing up to his expectations.

  • 1:52:05 Murattu Kadhal

    Murattu Kadhal

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    Murattu Kadhal

  • 1:54:10 Mr Maharani

    Mr Maharani

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    Mr Maharani

  • 2:15:09 Nadigan


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    Nadigan is based on him finding the money needed for his mother's operation.

  • 2:03:47 Veetukule Thiruvizha

    Veetukule Thiruvizha

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    Veetukule Thiruvizha

  • 2:20:03 Naalaiya Theerpu

    Naalaiya Theerpu

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    Naalaiya Theerpuis aTamil filmdirected byS. A. Chandrasekharand produced and written by his wife Shoba Chandrasekhar which marked the debut of the their sonVijayin the lead role alongside Keerthana andEaswari Rao. The film which also featuredSrividya,Radh

  • 2:25:54 Mounam Sammadham

    Mounam Sammadham

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    Mounam Sammadham The plot revolves around the wrong conviction of a business man and the efforts taken by the protagonist, a lawyer, to find the truth. The portrayal of the characters is similar in many ways to Malayalam cinema's investigative thrillers.

  • 2:19:35 Mr. Madras

    Mr. Madras

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    Mr. Madrasis a1995Tamil languagecomedy filmdirected byP. Vasu. The film featuresPrabhu,SukanyaandVineethain lead roles. The film, had musical score byVidyasagarand was released on 8 September 1995. The film did well at the box office.In 2011, the film was

  • 2:26:00 Nanbargal


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    Nanbargalis a1991Tamilromance filmdirected by Shoba Chandrasekar. The film features Neeraj,Mamta Kulkarni,Vivek, Dinesh, Sundar and Shily Kapoor in lead roles. The film, produced byVijay, was released on 14 February 1991. The film songs was composed by Ba

  • 2:00:19 Ezhai Jaathi

    Ezhai Jaathi

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    Ezhai Jaathi is aTamilPolitical drama starringVijayakanthandJayapradain the lead roles.Prabhu Devaappears for a dance sequence along with Vijayakanth.

  • 2:32:15 Parambarai


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    Parambarai Paramasivan (Prabhu) and his father (Vijayakumar) are in feud. Paramasivan saw his mother murdered by Maragatham (Sindhu) but his father thought she died because of her illness. His father later got married with Maragatham. Paramasivan left his

  • 1:46:54 Nanbanae


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  • 2:24:44 Nilaave Vaa

    Nilaave Vaa

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    Nilaave Vaais a 1998Tamilfilm which released directed byA. Venkateshand produced byK. T. Kunjumon.[1][2]The film starsVijayandSuvalakshmiin the main lead roles, whileSanghavi,RaghuvaranandManivannanplay other supporting roles. The film opened in August 19

  • 2:13:45 Nadodi Pattukkaran

    Nadodi Pattukkaran

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    Nadodi Pattukkaran

  • 2:22:40 Mill Thozhilali

    Mill Thozhilali

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    Mill Thozhilali

  • 2:02:51 Nagathamman


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  • 2:47:18 Gokulathil Seethai

    Gokulathil Seethai

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    GOKULATHIL SEETHAI Rishi (Karthik) is a wealthy spoiled brat who spends his life womanizing&boozing. He sleeps around through the efforts of a sophisticated, dedicated and 'immigration officer' look alike pimp ('Thailaivasal' Vijay). Rishi has an agen

  • 2:16:10 Mangala Nayagan

    Mangala Nayagan

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    Mangala Nayagan Shankar leaves Uma and marries Manga to fulfill his dying mother's last wish.Years later Shankar is introduce to little boy Babu, who claims as Uma's child .

  • 2:19:38 Nesam


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    Nesam Ajitkumar tries to woo Maheswary but in order to really impress her, he needs to go beyond being a normal romantic lover

  • 2:32:10 Oruvan


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    Oruvanis a1999Tamil languagefilm directed bySuresh Krishna. The film featuresSarathkumarandPooja Batrain lead roles whilstDevayani,RaghuvaranandAnandarajplay supporting roles.[2]The film was a remake of director's own Telugu filmAuto DriverstarringNagarju

  • 2:09:26 Mogha Mull

    Mogha Mull

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    MOGHA MULL The film is set in the 1950s in feudal Tanjore. Babu, ten years younger than the unmarriageable Yamuna, is seduced by his voluptuous neighbour Thankamma, but he rejects her subsequent advances, causing her to commit suicide. This then enables B

  • 2:23:07 Bramma


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    Brammais a 1991Tamilfilm directed byK. Subash. The film starsSathyarajin the lead role pairing withKushboo SundarandBhanupriya. The film released with largely positive reviews and completed 100 days in theaters&was a blockbuster. The film was remade i

  • 2:22:32 Karuththamma


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    Karuthamma(1994) is aTamilfeature filmdirectedbyBharathiraja. Thefilm's scoreandsoundtrackarecomposedbyA. R. Rahman. The film met with critical acclaim upon release and received accolades. The film looks at female infanticide and the hatred that surrounds

  • 2:26:20 Manju Virattu

    Manju Virattu

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    MANJU VIRATTU Wedding is arranged between Sethupathys son Pandiyan and Sakthivels daughter Pooalaghi , who cant get along with each other . What will happen to them ?

  • 2:26:28 Chembaruthi


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    Chembaruthi The film is a story about the love of two teenagers of different classes -- Raja (Prashanth) who is settled in America,the grand son of a rich business woman (Bhanumathi), comes to the Fisherman Village in India to see his grand mother. Chemba

  • 2:39:56 En Swasa Kaatre

    En Swasa Kaatre

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    En Swasa Kaatreis a 1999 Tamil romantic film written and directed byK. S. Ravi. The film starsArvind SwamyandIsha Koppikarin the lead roles, whileRaghuvaran,Prakash RajandThalaivasal Vijayplay supporting roles. The film was produced by newcomers R. M. Sai

  • 1:48:53 Kovil Kalai

    Kovil Kalai

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    Kovil Kalai

  • 2:31:20 Sengottai


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    Sengottai Thirumoorthy (Rajan P. Dev), a corrupt politician, dreams to become the prime minister and hires an terrorist to kill the current prime minister. n jail, Sekhar (Arjun Sarja) is engaged by a terrorist and they escapes from the jail. He reveals t

  • 2:20:39 Karisakattu Poove

    Karisakattu Poove

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    Karisakattu Poove Pounrasu (Vineeth) has a brother Kottaisaamy (Napoleon) and a sister (Kovai Sarala). Pounrasu loves his sister's daughter Nagamani. Pounrasu returns after studying in the city, he still loves her. Nagamani's father (Manivannan) fixes up

  • 2:13:32 Krishna


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    Krishnais a1996Tamil languagefilm written and directed byRaja Krishnamoorthy. The film starsPrashanthandHeerain the lead roles, whileS. A. Rajkumarcomposed the film's music.

  • 2:29:44 En Uyir Nee Thaane

    En Uyir Nee Thaane

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    En Uyir Nee Thaane is a 1998 released Tamil film. The movie stars Prabhu Ganesan, Devayani and Srividya. The film is directed by S. P. Rajkumar. The music is by Deva. The film is a remake of Telugu film Pellichesukundam. The film was one among 1998 Deepav

  • 1:57:45 Avathara Purushan

    Avathara Purushan

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  • 2:14:32 Erikkarai Poonkatrey

    Erikkarai Poonkatrey

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    Erikkarai Poonkatrey

  • 2:34:29 Kizhakkum Merkkum

    Kizhakkum Merkkum

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    Kizhakkum Merkkum The story is about a brother (Napolean) and a sister (Geetha) who get kicked out of their home, by their step-mother at a young age, and the struggles they have to go through to come up in life. Napolean&Devyani in Kizhakkum MerkkumT