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1990 - 1999

  • 2:20:06 Manathile Oru Paattu

    Manathile Oru Paattu

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    Manathilae Oru Paattu

  • 2:24:13 Enga Muthalali

    Enga Muthalali

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    Enga Muthalaliis a1993Tamildrama filmdirected by Liyakat Ali Khan. The film featuresVijayakanthandKasthuriin lead roles. The film, produced by Meena Panju Arunachalam, had musical score byIlaiyaraajaand was released on 13 November 1993.Vijaya Ragunadhan (

  • 2:27:50 Maharasan


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  • 2:23:07 Avasara Police 100

    Avasara Police 100

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    Avasara Police 100is aTamil languagefilm starring and directed byK. BhagyarajwithM. G. Ramachandranin the lead role. The film was released in the 1990. Approx 4000ft of MGR's unfinished 1977 film Anna Nee En Deivam directed by C.V Sridhar was incorporated

  • 2:38:09 Dharma Durai

    Dharma Durai

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    Dharma Durai The story begins with a young couple, Balu and Ishwarya, being chased by some goons. Ishwarya is the daughter of Rajadorai (Charan Raj) and had eloped and run away with Balu against the wishes of Rajadorai. Rajadorai sends his goons to track

  • 2:35:05 Mahanathi


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    MAHANATHI Krishnaswamy (Kamal Hassan) is a widower living happily along with his mother-in-law Lakshmi (S. N. Lakshmi), daughter Kaveri (Mahanadi Shobana) and a young son (Mahanadhi Dinesh) in a village near Trichy. Dhanush (Cochin Haneefa); a con from th

  • 2:15:44 Kumbakonam Gopalu

    Kumbakonam Gopalu

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    Kumbakonam Gopalu

  • 2:22:08 Azhagan


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    Azhaganis a1991IndianTamil languagefilm directed byK. Balachander, produced byKovai Chezhiyan, starringMammootty,Bhanupriya,Geetha,Babloo PrithvirajandMadhoo.Azhagappan (Mammootty) a successful hotelier and father of four small children has lost his wife

  • 2:17:33 Innisai Mazhai

    Innisai Mazhai

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    Innisai Mazhai

  • 2:05:12 Ithuthan Kadhal

    Ithuthan Kadhal

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    Idhuthaan Kaadhal

  • 1:51:06 Coolie padai

    Coolie padai

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    Coolie padai

  • 2:23:47 Subash


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    Subashis a1996Tamilaction filmdirected byR. V. Udayakumar. The film featuresArjunandRevathiin lead roles. The film, produced by K. S. Srinivasan and K. S. Sivaraman, had musical score byVidyasagarand was released on 20 September 1996. The film was an aver

  • 2:18:41 Chinna Muthu

    Chinna Muthu

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    Chinna Muthu

  • 2:02:13 Ellaichami


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  • 2:10:28 Sethu


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    Sethuis a 1999 IndianTamilromantic tragedy film written and directed by debutantBala. The film starsVikramandAbithain the lead roles withSivakumarandSrimanin other pivotal roles. The film's score and soundtrack were composed byIlaiyaraaja. The film opened

  • 2:04:00 Deiva Vaakku

    Deiva Vaakku

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    Deiva Vaakku Hamsaveni (Revathi) after channelling the voice of the Goddess in childhood, is treated as such by her grateful village after water is found after a drought. Her elder brother Vallatharai (Vijayakumar) exploits his young sister's powers to ma

  • 2:37:22 Kadhalan


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    Kadhalan is a 1994 Tamil action-romance film written and directed by S. Shankar and produced by K. T. Kunjumon. The film stars Prabhu Deva and Nagma in the lead roles, while Raghuvaran, Girish Karnad and Vadivelu play other pivotal roles. The film's score

  • 2:30:10 Airport (1993)

    Airport (1993)

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    Captain Arjun (Sathyaraj) is a helicopter pilot whose ambition is to become a commercial pilot. In an incident he dramatically saves the Prime Minister and wins lot of accolades and appreciation from the PM and the Civil Aviation minister G. Krishnamurthy

  • 2:17:41 Aruva Velu

    Aruva Velu

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    Aruva Velu Velu (Nassar) is sentenced to the death penalty. Velu was an angry man who solved villagers problems by violence. Whereas Muthurasa (Rajesh), Velu's uncle, was a respected village chief who solved villagers problems peacefully. Maruthayi (Urvas

  • 2:04:34 Aavarampoo


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    Aavarampoo Sakkarai (Vineeth) is a mentally ill boy and an orphan. Most of the villagers take advantage of his innocence. Sakkarai works under his chief Thevar (Nassar) who has two wife. After a dispute with his first wife Lakshmi (Valsara Menon), he got

  • 1:29:27 Play Girls

    Play Girls

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    Play Girls

  • 1:46:00 47 A Beasanth Nagar Varai

    47 A Beasanth Nagar Varai

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    47 A Beasanth Nagar Varai

  • 2:24:45 Aasai


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    Tamil Romantic Thriller Film. The film won positive reviews and went on to become a blockbuster, completing a 210-day run at the box office

  • 2:28:58 Arangetra Velai

    Arangetra Velai

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    Arangetra Velai The story revolves around three unemployed people (the third is a middle age unsuccessful theater owner). The story opens with the arrival of Sivaraman (Prabhu) in Chennai to dispute the denial of his company job which he was supposed to r

  • 2:20:33 Rasigan


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    Rasigan is a Tamil film released on 8 July 1994 and was directed by S. A. Chandrasekhar. The film stars his son Vijay and Sanghavi. Vijay (Vijay) is the grandson of Manorama while Anitha (Sanghavi) is the daughter of Raghavan(Vijayakumar) and Bhagyalakshm

  • 1:50:23 Rocky


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  • 2:26:21 Adra Sakka Adra Sakka

    Adra Sakka Adra Sakka

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    Adra Sakka Adra Sakka

  • 2:22:15 Kaathala Kaathala

    Kaathala Kaathala

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    Kaathala Kaathalais aTamillanguage film Ramalingam (Kamal Haasan)&Sundaralingam (Prabhu Deva) are simpletons who are always in search of ways to earn a quick buck. Sundaralingam is an artist with good talent while Ramalingam is the business brain who

  • 1:59:42 Kaaval Nilayam

    Kaaval Nilayam

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    Kaaval Nilayam is a1991Tamilcrime filmdirected bySenthilnathan. The film featuresSarath KumarandAnandarajin lead roles. The film, produced by F. C. Vijayakumar, had musical score bySankar Ganeshand was released on 11 May 1991. Raja (Anandaraj), a rowdy, e

  • 2:31:32 Thalattu Katkuthamma

    Thalattu Katkuthamma

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    Thalattu Ketkuthamma Raasaiyya (Prabhu), a young man, wants to get married as soon as possible and he compels his uncle (Goundamani). His cousin Pechiamma (Kanaka) is an immature tomboy. After seeing her friend Valli (Mounica) dying during her delivery, P

  • 2:22:17 Pudhu Nellu Pudhu Naathu

    Pudhu Nellu Pudhu Naathu

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    Pudhu Nellu Pudhu Naathu When his father is murdered, Muthuvelu avenges his death. Starring Raagul, Suganya and Ram Arjun.

  • 2:09:37 Raasaiyya


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    Raasaiyyais a 1995 Tamil languageIndianfilm produced byT. Siva. The film revolves around the life struggle and love life of the character played byPrabhu Deva.Roja Selvamaniplayed the film's female lead which was directed by debutant P. Kannan. After the

  • 2:06:54 Pudhusa Pootha Roja

    Pudhusa Pootha Roja

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  • 2:29:18 Periya Edathu Mapillai

    Periya Edathu Mapillai

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    PERIYA EDATHU MAPILLAI Vijay and Geetha fall in love but her father objects because of what vijay's mother had done in past .Will the lover finds happiness ? When love blooms between Jayaram and Devayani, bad hats use this excuse to t

  • 2:12:23 Pavithra


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    Pavithra The film is about a quasi-mother-son relationship between Radhika and Ajith. Ajith is a patient suffering from Cancer and Radhika is a nurse in the hospital where Ajith is being treated. Since Ajith's age is same as her child,which was still born

  • 2:17:15 Puthiya Raagam

    Puthiya Raagam

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    Puthiya Raagam

  • 2:28:34 Ilaignar Ani

    Ilaignar Ani

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  • 2:04:35 Thondan


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  • 2:17:34 Sendhoorapandi


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    Sendhoorapandiis a Tamil film, released in 1993 directed byS. A. Chandrasekhar. The film starsVijayandVijaykanthin the lead roles. The story is about Vijay is a college student who comes back after finished his studies. He meets village headman's daughter

  • 1:46:35 Thaayamma


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    THAAYAMMA An abandoned baby is found on the doorstep of the home of three bachelors and as a result they take charge of the baby till the real parents arrive? Cast Pandian, Anandbabu, Babu, Geetha.

  • 2:03:44 Unnai Vaazhthi Paadugiren

    Unnai Vaazhthi Paadugiren

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    Unnai Vaazhthi Paadugirenis a1992Tamilromantic filmdirected by Shridev. The film featuresParthiban,Suman RanganathanandMohiniin lead roles. The film, produced by T. P. Kovai Thambi, had musical score byIlaiyaraajaand was released on 14 February 1992. Ravi

  • 2:26:48 Unnudan


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    UNNUDAN The story is about love between Murali and Kaushalya.

  • 2:32:18 Tamizh Selvan

    Tamizh Selvan

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    Tamizh Selvan

  • 2:08:00 Anbu Kattalai

    Anbu Kattalai

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    Anbu Kattalaiis a1989Tamil-languageIndianfeature filmdirectedby Yaar Kannan, starringRamarajan,PallaviandK. R. Vijaya

  • 2:15:13 Thirumathi Palanisamy

    Thirumathi Palanisamy

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    Thirumathi Pazhanisamy

  • 1:45:35 Thalaivi


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  • 2:02:02 Unakkaga Piranthen

    Unakkaga Piranthen

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    Unakkaga Piranthen Way back when the ethnic problems arose in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Tamil has taken asylum in Rameswaram- India. Malini (played byMohini), a pretty damsel, was among one of them. The guards of the refugee camp were attracted by the bea

  • 2:21:45 Ponvizha


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    Ponvizhais a1999Tamildrama filmdirected by Ashokan. The film featuresNapoleonandSuvalakshmiin lead roles. The film, produced by K. S. Sinivasan and K. S. Sivaram, had musical score byDevaand was released on 6 August 1999. Ponni (Suvalakshmi) lives with he

  • 1:53:01 Puthiya Aatchi

    Puthiya Aatchi

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    Puthiya Aatchi Marappan (Anandaraj) is the rebel leader of 'Puratchi Padai'. The rebel group only kills corrupted politicians who spoil the poor's lives. Whereas a corrupted politician Valluvadasan (Radha Ravi) misuses their name and he perpetrates murder

  • 2:30:46 Periya Kudumbam

    Periya Kudumbam

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    Periya Kudumbamis a1996Tamildrama film, directed byK. S. Ravikumar, starringPrabhu,Kanaka,Vineetha,Manorama,Vijayakumar,Lakshmi, Chandrasekhar, Chithra,Goundamani,Senthil. The film, produced by Ravi Shankar Films and had musical score byIlaiyaraaja. The f

  • 1:37:28 Puthiya Alai

    Puthiya Alai

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    Puthiya Alai

  • 2:19:41 Rajavin Parvaiyile

    Rajavin Parvaiyile

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    Rajavin Parvaiyile is a 1995Tamil filmdirected by Janaki Soundar starringVijayandIndrajain the lead roles, withAjith Kumarappearing in a supporting role. The film, which featured music composed byIlaiyaraaja, was released in August 1995. Vijay is the son

  • 1:52:48 Urimai Por

    Urimai Por

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    Urimai Por Raja Mohamed (Arun Pandian), an honest police officer, is an happy head of family married to Ranji (Ranjitha) but he spends much more time in police station than at home. Chandru (Chandru) loved Sumathi and they arranged for the marriage. Few d

  • 2:20:02 Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Naanum

    Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Naanum

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    SUNDARI NEEYUM SUNDARAN NAANUM The heroine Eswari Rao is the only daughter of Anu Mohan the henpecked husband of Satya Priya. Anu Mohan wants his daughter to marry his relation but his wife is dead against it. He identifies Pandiyarajan as his nephew and