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Sarath Kumar

  • 2:27:07 New Pachaikili Muthucharam

    Pachaikili Muthucharam

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    Directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon Produced by Viswanathan Ravichandran Written by Gautham Vasudev Menon Starring R. Sarathkumar Jyothika Andrea Jeremiah Milind Soman Music by Harris Jayaraj Cinematography Aravind Krishna , Nirav Shah Edited by Anthony Dis

  • 1:40:26 New Popular Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2

    Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2

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    This Movie is not available in India The sequel to 2013 film with the same title, Chennaiyil Our Naal 2 is an adaptation of a novel, which is written by a crime writer, Rajesh Kumar. The story revolves around two bad guys who struggle with forces of good

  • 2:28:30 Popular Pulan Visaranai

    Pulan Visaranai

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    Watch superhit HD movie Pulan Visaranai is a Tamil language film directed by R. K. Selvamani. The film features Vijayakanth in lead role. The film, produced by R. Sundar Raj and S. Raveendran, had musical score by Ilayaraja. Dharma (Anandaraj) is an auto

  • 2:24:24 1977


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    Directed by G.N.Dinesh Kumar Produced by R. Sarath Kumar Written by G.N.Dinesh Kumar Music by Vidhyasagar Cinematography K. Boopathy Edited by Anthony Sarath Kumar Farzana Vivek Namitha Radha Ravi Ilavarasu

  • 2:19:01 Samundi


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    Samundi (R. Sarathkumar), his mother (Varalakshmi) and his little sister Lakshmi (Sangita) shift to a little village. Ponnuthayi (Kanaka), a washerwoman, sympathize with Samundi's family and she eventually falls in love with him. Rajangam (Mansoor Ali Kha

  • 2:09:39 Mahaprabhu


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    "Mahaprabhu"| Full Tamil Movie | Sarath Kumar, Sukanya, Vineetha Subscribe&Stay Connected : Daamodaran (Sarath Kumar) sells black cinema tickets alongside his...



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    The film begins with a man (Karthik) who tried to kill Lakshmi (Ambika), but he missed his attempt and killed her aunt. While escaping, he met an accident and forgot everything. Since, Lakshmi, a doctor, took care of him. She didn't know about him and she

  • 2:02:13 Ellaichami


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  • 1:59:42 Kaaval Nilayam

    Kaaval Nilayam

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    Kaaval Nilayam is a1991Tamilcrime filmdirected bySenthilnathan. The film featuresSarath KumarandAnandarajin lead roles. The film, produced by F. C. Vijayakumar, had musical score bySankar Ganeshand was released on 11 May 1991. Raja (Anandaraj), a rowdy, e

  • 2:05:15 Namma Ooru Mariamma

    Namma Ooru Mariamma

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    Mariamma is married since several years but she doesn't have any children, she is afraid that their dynasty will disappear. To avoid this, Mariamma, her husband and her younger brother Muthu prepare a grand festival in their village with the financial hel

  • 2:18:31 Idhaya Vaasal

    Idhaya Vaasal

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    Watch Full Length Tamil Movie Idhaya Vaasal released in year 1991. Directed by Chandranath K V, produced by Vasanthalaya Creations, music by Viji and starring Ramesh Aravind, Meena, Sarath Kumar, Vaishnavi, Delhi Ganesh, Goundamani, Pandu, Sethu Vinayakam

  • 1:58:05 Narasimman I.P.S

    Narasimman I.P.S

    by Admin Added 371 Views / 0 Likes

    Narasimman I.P.S is a feature film dubbed from Malayalam Language title Achante Annamakkal. This action film based police story. Sarathkumar played major role in this film. Supporting actors Nedumudivenu, Thalaivasal Vijay etc., Title : Narasimman I.P.S S

  • 2:03:11 1977 (2009)

    1977 (2009)

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    The much-revered saintly Rajayya (Sarath Kumar) is a guiding light of sorts for his fishing village, and has vowed to never set foot outside the village and ...

  • 2:08:37 Archana IAS

    Archana IAS

    by Admin Added 231 Views / 0 Likes

    Watch Archana IAS Full Movie. Starring Siva, Sithara, Sarathkumar. Tamil Name:அர்ச்சணா ஐஏஎஸ் Director: A.Jaganathan Music Director: SA. Rajkumar Producer: Theivaanai Movies Released year: 27th jun 1991 Sarathkumar - Kan Simittum Neram, Pulan Visaranai, Sa

  • 2:41:49 Aai


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    Aai is about a military officer who tries to cleanse the society of all bad elements. R. Sarath Kumar, gets agitated when he hears the word "aai", in this old wine in a new bottle story. The Movie opens with R. Sarath Kumar in a town in TamilNadu living h

  • 2:20:06 Namma Annachi

    Namma Annachi

    by Admin Added 220 Views / 0 Likes

    Namma Annachi is a 1994 Tamil drama film directed by Dhalapathi. The film features R. Sarathkumar in a triple role, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Heera Rajagopal and Rupini in lead roles. The film, produced by K. S. Srinivasan and K. S. Sivaraman, had musical sco

  • 2:28:47 Thalaimagan


    by Admin Added 265 Views / 0 Likes

    The story is set around the bulwark of honest and public good institution of everest. A journalistic anachronism at a time when media houses have become mouthpieces for corporate houses. It is helmed by the fearless Ayya (Vijayakumar), it has among its ra

  • 2:33:25 Ragasiya Police

    Ragasiya Police

    by Admin Added 241 Views / 0 Likes

    Ramu, a police officer who is tracking the activities of anti-national elements

  • 2:02:05 I Love India (1993)

    I Love India (1993)

    by Admin Added 352 Views / 0 Likes

    I Love India | Tamil Film | I Love India is a 1993 Tamil action film directed by Pavithran. The film features Sarath Kumar, débutante Priya and Shenbagam in lead roles. The film, produced by actor Vishal's mother Janaki G. K. Reddy, had musical sco

  • 2:29:58 Thenkasi Pattanam

    Thenkasi Pattanam

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    Thenkasi pattanam Tamil full film Kannan and Dass are two famous roudies in their village. Dass has a sister called Uma with whom Manikkampillai (shortened as 'Mapillai') is in love but she is not interested in him. Mapillai joins Kannan's and Dass' firm

  • 2:23:05 Dasarathan


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    Dasarathan | Tamil Full Film | Sarathkumar Dasarathan is a 1993 Tamil language film directed by Kitty. The film features Sarathkumar and Heera in lead roles whilst Sivakumar, Saranya and Gandhimathi play supporting roles Directed by Raja Krishnamoorthy Pr

  • 1:37:53 Kaaval Nilayam

    Kaaval Nilayam

    by Admin Added 195 Views / 0 Likes

    Published on Jan 10, 2014 Raja (Anandaraj), a rowdy, escapes from police officers and he is accommodated by a prostitute. Vijay (Sarath Kumar), an honest police officer, is transferred to a new area. Vijay lives happily with his wife Aarthi (Gouthami) and

  • 1:47:13 Idhuthanda Sattam

    Idhuthanda Sattam

    by Admin Added 177 Views / 0 Likes

    Selvaraj (R. Sarathkumar), an upright police officer, takes charge as a SP in a new area and he settles down there with his daughter Meena. A woman inspector Amudha (Meenakshi) helps him. Selvaraj challenges a notorious man Gurusami (Mylai R.V. Gurupadam)