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Chiranjeevulu (2001)

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Story Line:
Chiranjeevulu is a film about four youngsters who land up in a village accidentally, and then fight out the big bad man of the village. The plot revolves around a village that has Nagendra (Nagendra Babu) as the president and Satya Murthy as his rival. Satya Murthy is the villain, and is envious of Nagendra for all the goodwill he has of the villagers.
Now Radha, the daughter of Nagendra, and Anand, the son of Satya Murthy, are in love with each other (yes, you knew it!). Nagendra supports the lovers, and, in trying to unite them, is killed by Satya Murthy, who becomes the president himself now.
Enter Charan (Ravi Teja), Giri (Bramhaji), Chanti (Shivaji) and Kiran (Sijju), four friends who are being chased by both the people and the police. In an attempt to flee, they board a train and reach an unidentified destination (to them, that is - we already know it so well). They kind of like the countryside air, and decide to chill out at here for a few days, but fall into trouble caused by the Big Bad Man. They are rescued by Lakshmi, the widow of Nagendra, and become her adopted children. And of course, they will avenge her trauma.
If there wasn't enough drama already, a flashback tells you that Giri and Chanti are victims of cancer and the other two are accused of a murder each that they can defend. The comedy by Bramhanandam and a couple of others fails to evoke any laughter, but the script deserves most of the blame. Sanghavi in an insignificant role as the lover of Charan does not create an impact either.

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