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  • 2:02:40 Ladies Tailor

    Ladies Tailor

    by uploader3 Added 2,538 Views / Likes

    Ladies Tailor is about the life of a tailor who is talented but lazy and dreams of becoming a king one day. When a fortune_teller informs him about searching for a girl with a mole on her right lap, he turns into a ladies tailor and after a lot of efforts

  • 2:20:07 Kunwara


    by uploader3 Added 2,508 Views / Likes

    Raju meets Urmila in New Zealand and both fall in love deciding to meet again in India. However, as Raju returns India, he meets heartbroken pregnant Sharmila who is betrayed by her boyfriend and hence in attempt of committing suicide. Raju decides to pla

  • 2:10:01 Ghayal Once Again

    Ghayal Once Again

    by uploader3 Added 2,371 Views / Likes

    Plot The film opens with flashbacks of Ghayal. An angry young man Ajay Mehra shoots and kills Balwant Rai (who had murdered Ajay's brother) and surrenders himself to upright cop Joe D'Souza. Ajay is sentenced to prison. Upon his release he begins a new ca

  • 2:02:22 Karz - The Burden of Truth

    Karz - The Burden of Truth

    by uploader3 Added 2,466 Views / Likes

    Karz The Burden of truth in which Police Inspector Suraj is an orphan, who was rejected by his biological mother, for reason(s) unknown. Suraj has grown up questioning as to how any mother could reject her own child. He meets with Raja, and after a few mi

  • 2:06:02 Hum Tum Shabana

    Hum Tum Shabana

    by uploader3 Added 911 Views / Likes

    Hum Tum Shabana is a comedy movie revolving around three characters, played by Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade and Minissha Lamba. The two men compete to woo the woman, but then it turns into a desperate battle to lose her. Despite gaining negative review

  • 2:31:07 Zaalim


    by uploader3 Added 1,715 Views / Likes

    Judge Somnath lives with his wife, three sons, and a daughter. Two of his sons, Vikram and Mohan are married, while his daughter, Kaamna, and youngest son, Ravi, are of marriageable age. Somnath had wanted his sons to be a doctor, police officer, and a Ju

  • 1:49:55 Gali Gali Chor Hai

    Gali Gali Chor Hai

    by uploader3 Added 1,784 Views / Likes

    Part-time 'Hanuman' at the local 'Ramleela', but full-time cashier at the bank – that's Bharat, an 'Aam Aadmi'. He resides in the heart of Bhopal, with Nisha, a school teacher and his loving and caring, but doubting wife, who is concerned more about

  • 2:02:22 Tumse Milkar

    Tumse Milkar

    by uploader3 Added 1,161 Views / Likes

    Watch Tumse Milkar Full Hindi Movie Click to Subscribe -

  • 1:54:54 Team: The Force

    Team: The Force

    by uploader3 Added 953 Views / Likes

    Three aspiring music artistes endanger their lives after they get into the bad books of a gangster. Click to Subscribe -

  • 1:56:40 My Friend Ganesha 2

    My Friend Ganesha 2

    by uploader3 Added 668 Views / Likes

    Vashu is always bullied by everyone in school. When his maid tells him to pray to Lord Ganesha and seek His help, not only do Vashu's problems get solved, but he also learns a very important lesson. Click to Subscribe -

  • 2:07:44 Rangbaaz


    by uploader3 Added 620 Views / Likes

    Rangbaaz is an action revenge drama starring Mithun in the lead role, supported by Shilpa Shirodkar, Raasi, Paresh Rawal, Kader Khan and Kiran Kumar Click to Subscribe -

  • 3:08:51 Pinjar


    by uploader3 Added 561 Views / Likes

    Plot "Pinjar" is set in the time of the 1947 partition. Puro is a young woman of Hindu background, who lives a happy, comfortable life with her family. She is engaged to a wealthy, kind young man, Ramchand, who is from a promising family. While on an outi

  • 2:11:55 Chal Chala Chal

    Chal Chala Chal

    by uploader3 Added 712 Views / Likes

    Deepak tries to start a transportation service after his father receives a bus upon his retirement. However, his honest endeavour is haunted by mishaps, lack of experience and corruption. Directed by T K Rajeev Kumar Produced by Dharmesh Rajkotia Manna Sh

  • 1:51:48 Rakhta Charitra 2

    Rakhta Charitra 2

    by uploader3 Added 892 Views / Likes

    Pratap Ravi becomes a minister under the aegis of his mentor. During that time, Surya awaits an opportunity to take revenge on Pratap for the death of his relatives. Director: Ram Gopal Varma Music director: Dharam Sandeep, Sukhwinder SinghClick to Subscr

  • 2:04:45 Teen Thay Bhai

    Teen Thay Bhai

    by uploader3 Added 585 Views / Likes

    Harpreet, Chiksi and Fancy are three brothers who don't get along with each other. However, they decide to meet each other after their grandfather, who has left behind a vast fortune, expires. Directed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba Produced by Rakeysh Omprakas

  • 2:06:28 Aisha


    by uploader3 Added 630 Views / Likes

    Aisha, who loves playing matchmaker much to her friend Arjun's disapproval, finds a new target in the simple Shefali. But in the process, she ends up ruining her own relationship with close friends. Directed by Rajshree Ojha Produced by Sunil Manchanda Rh

  • 1:53:12 Lamhaa


    by uploader3 Added 722 Views / Likes

    Vikram, an Indian intelligence agent, is sent to Kashmir to investigate the people responsible for a host of extremist attacks. In his mission, he receives help from a young woman named Aziza. Directed by Rahul Dholakia Produced by Bunty Walia Juspreet Si

  • 2:37:11 Victory


    by uploader3 Added 547 Views / Likes

    Synopsis: A story about a father's dream to see his son become a big name in the sport of cricket. A rags to riches story about a boy's dream run in the most popular sport of the country. Starring: Harman Baweja, Amrita Rao, Anupam Kher, Gulshan Grover Cl

  • Sandhya Chhaya

    Sandhya Chhaya

    by uploader3 Added 603 Views / Likes

    An elderly couple live in the vast cosmopolitan city of Mumbai in an apartment with every comfort and luxury but are constantly plagued by loneliness. Their sons provide them everything but do not share their emotions. One son works as a doctor in America

  • Paisa Paisa Paisa

    Paisa Paisa Paisa

    by uploader3 Added 786 Views / Likes

    Tanuja Kelkar (Varsha Ujgaonkar) is a young and confident woman, who believes in hard work to make a name for herself. Tanuja's parents are very wealthy and prosperous who could never see beyond money and could go to any lengths for it. Her father gets in

  • Darmiyaan: In Between

    Darmiyaan: In Between

    by uploader3 Added 508 Views / Likes

    Zeenat Begum (Kiron Kher), is a famous actress who rules the film industry and has everything in life. Unfortunately, Zeenat´s happiness is shattered when she finds that her son, Emmi (Arif Zakharia) is a eunuch. She denies him as her son and refers to hi

  • Stunt Man

    Stunt Man

    by uploader3 Added 597 Views / Likes

    Wealthy Reena falls in love with her brother's (Vijay) friend, Pune-based Bajrang Tiwari, a motorbike-stuntman, much to the chagrin of her widowed mother. When Reena adamantly insists on marrying him, her mother attempts to talk Vijay and Bajrang to stop

  • Apradhi


    by uploader3 Added 543 Views / Likes

    Enjoy this full length Bollywood blockbuster romantic action adventure Hindi movie of 1992 'Apradhi' starring Anil Kapoor, Shilpa Shirodkar, Chunky Pandey, Anupam Kher, Suresh Oberoi. Directed by - K. Ravishankar Produced by - N.R. Pachisia Music - Laxmik

  • Haqeeqat


    by uploader3 Added 491 Views / Likes

    Enjoy this Bollywood blockbuster action romantic super hit Hindi movie 'Haqeeqat' (1995) starring Ajay Devgan, Tabu, Amrish Puri, Aruna Irani, Johnny Lever, Himani Shivpuri. Directed by Sandesh Kohli Produced by N.R. Pachisia Music - Dilip Sen, Sameer Sen

  • Taaqat


    by uploader3 Added 486 Views / Likes

    Watch the superhit Bollywood blockbuster romantic crime drama Hindi movie 'Taaqat' (1995), starring Dharmendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Kajol, Vikas Bhalla, Ishrat Ali, Rajendra Gupta, Dinesh Hingoo, Mukesh Khanna, Farha, Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Aasif Sheikh

  • Fauj


    by uploader3 Added 422 Views / Likes

    Watch the Bollywood Full Length Action Drama movie 'Fauj' (1994) directed by Ashok Gaikwad and produced by Gurnam Kaur. The movie stars Kamal Sadanah, Madhoo, Sudesh Berry, Kiran Kumar, Aruna Irani & Tinu Anand. Music composed by Ram Laxman. Synopsis: The

  • Meri Pratigya

    Meri Pratigya

    by uploader3 Added 846 Views / Likes

    Watch the Bollywood superhit Action Adventure Full Hindi blockbuster movie Meri Pratigya (1996) starring Mithun Chakraborty, Rami Reddy, Sheeba & Dipti Bhatnagar. Directed by T L V Prasad. Follow us G+ Like us on Facebook -

  • Anari


    by uploader3 Added 573 Views / Likes

    Watch the Bollywood super hit romantic, comedy full Hindi movie "Anari"(1993), starring Karishma Kapoor, Venkatesh, Suresh Oberoi, Rakhee Gulzar, Gulshan Grover, Johnny Lever, Laxmikant Berde, Priya Arun, Adi Irani and others. Directed by K. Murali Mohana

  • Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain

    Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain

    by uploader3 Added 1,084 Views / Likes

    Watch the Bollywood super hit romantic drama full Hindi movie "Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain (1999) starring Anil Kapoor, Kajol, Johnny Lever, Anupam Kher, Gracy Singh, Shakti Kapoor, Satish Kaushik, Rakesh Bedi, Smita jaykar & others. Directed by Satish

  • Shadyantra


    by uploader3 Added 390 Views / Likes

    Watch the Bollywood superhit action, thriller Hindi movie "षड़यंत्र | Shadyantra" (1990) starring Hema Malini, Raj babbar, Raaja Bundela, Pankaj Kapoor, Supriya Pathak, Alok Nath, Girija Shanakr and others.. Music by Ravindra Jain. Directed by Rajen Johri.

  • Dharam Ka Insaaf

    Dharam Ka Insaaf

    by uploader3 Added 565 Views / Likes

    Watch the Bollywood superhit action, drama Hindi movie "Dharam Ka Insaaf"(1993) starring Sumeet Sehgal, Veena Malhotra, Alok Nath, Gulshan Grover, Goga Kapoor and others. Music by Sukhwinder and directed by Sunil Nayyar. #90'sHindiMovies #HindiMovies Movi

  • Santaan


    by uploader3 Added 407 Views / Likes

    Watch the Bollywood family, drama full Hindi movie "Santaan"(1993), starring Jeetendra, Deepak Tijori, Neelam, Johnny Lever, Moushumi Chatterjee, Laxmikant Barde, Prem Chopra, Asrani, Suresh Oberai and Others. Directed by Narayana Rao Dasari. #JeetendraMo

  • Sheshnaag


    by uploader3 Added 515 Views / Likes

    Watch the Bollywood superhit Fantasy, Thriller full Hindi movie "Sheshnaag"(1990), starring Jeetendra, Rekha, Rishi Kapoor, Mandakini, Madhavi, Anupam Kher, Danny Denzongpa and others. Music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Directed by K. R. Reddy. #JeetendraMovies

  • Prem Qaidi

    Prem Qaidi

    by uploader3 Added 466 Views / Likes

    Watch the Bollywood Blockbuster romantic, action full Hindi movie "Prem Qaidi"(1991) starring Karishma Kapoor, Harish Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Shafi Inamdar, Rama Vij, Dalip Tahil, Asrani, Bharat Bhushan and Others. Music by Anand-Milind. Directed by K. Mural

  • Jeevan Ek Sanghursh

    Jeevan Ek Sanghursh

    by uploader3 Added 689 Views / Likes

    Watch the Bollywood superhit classic action, drama Hindi movie "Jeevan Ek Sanghursh" (1990), starring Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Paresh Rawal, Rakhee, Anupam Kher, Moon Moon Sen, Pankaj Dheer, Kanwaljit Singh and others . Music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Dir

  • Maha Shakti Maaye

    Maha Shakti Maaye

    by uploader3 Added 490 Views / Likes

    Watch the Bollywood film Maha Shakti Maaye Starring Kalyan Kumar, B. Saroja Bai, K.R Vijaya, V. Prasad, Nndini, Sudesha, Satyajit & Sanjay. Directed by Om Shakthi Jagadeesan. Produced by V. Swaminathan. Follow us on G+ Like

  • Shri Durga Pooja

    Shri Durga Pooja

    by uploader3 Added 466 Views / Likes

    It is a story of devotee of Durga named Kaveri who gets married to Rajshekar. They are leading a happy life until a friend of Rajshekahr creates misunderstandings between them for Chanderpal who is a wicked cunning man. All this leads to fights and finall

  • 1:57:09 Shaukeen Kaminay

    Shaukeen Kaminay

    by uploader3 Added 516 Views / Likes

    Watch Latest Hindi New Released Movie Shaukeen Kaminay Full Move On Latest Hindi Movies 2016 Featuring Kartik Gaur, Sahil Garg, Seema Bilong, Ankit Gajera, Sunil Chourasiya, Directed by Anil Chorasiya.

  • 2:28:36 Gangaajal


    by uploader3 Added 781 Views / Likes

    Watch Gangaajal Super Hit Hindi Full Movie On Latest Hindi Movies Featuring Ajay Devgan, Gracy Singh Directed by Prakash Jha, Music by Sandesh Shandilya. Subscribe to "EAGLE HOME ENTERTAINMENT " Channels ►Eagle Hindi Movies - ►Eagle

  • Sallaapam


    by uploader3 Added 454 Views / Likes

    Watch Full length malayalam movie Sallaapam (1996), directed by Sundardas, produced by N Kirshnakumar, written by A K Lohithadas, music by Johnson and starring Dileep, Manoj K Jayan, Manju Warrier, Bindu Panicker, N F Varghese, Mala Aravindan, Valsala Men

  • Maanthrikam


    by uploader3 Added 441 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Maanthrikam release in year 1995. Directed by Thampi Kannanthanam, music by S P Venkatesh, Story by Babu Pallassery and starring Mohanlal, Vineeth, Vaishnavi, Jagadish, Priya Raman, Raghu Varan, Rajan P Dev, Rajiv Menon,

  • Agnidevan


    by uploader3 Added 370 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Agnidevan release in year 1995. Directed by Venu Nagavalli, produce by Anand, music by MG Radhakrishnan and starring Mohanlal, Revathi, Devan, Bharath Gopi, Jagadish, Rohini Hattangadi, Beena Antony.

  • Sreekrishnapurathe Nakshathrathilakkam

    Sreekrishnapurathe Nakshathrathilakkam

    by uploader3 Added 387 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie 'Sreekrishnapurathe Nakshathrathilakkam' release in year 1998. The film directed by Rajasenan. The movie features Nagma, Jagathy Sreekumar, Innocent, Cochin Haneefa, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Kalaranjini and Bindu Panicker in

  • Mimics Super 1000

    Mimics Super 1000

    by uploader3 Added 357 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Mimics Super 1000 is a malayalam film directed by Balu Kiriyath, music by SP Venkitesh,starring Jagadheesh, Mahesh, Jagathy,Innocent

  • Malayogam


    by uploader3 Added 349 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Malayogam (1990) directed by Sibi Malayil, produced by N Krishna Kumar, written by A K Lohita Das, music by Mohan Sithara, and starring Jayaram, Mukesh, Parvathi, Innocent, Mamukoya, Murali.

  • Kasargod Khader Bhai

    Kasargod Khader Bhai

    by uploader3 Added 336 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Kasargod Khader Bhai release in year 1992. Directed by Thulasidas, Music by Johnson, Produced by Changanassery Basheer, and Starring Jagadeesh, Siddique, Zainuddin, Ashokan, Innocent, Alummodan, Babu Antony, Suchitra, Phi

  • Varnapakittu


    by uploader3 Added 372 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Varnapakittu release in year 1997. Directed by IV Sasi, Produced by Jokuttan,Music by Vidyasagar, Starring Mohanlal, Meena, Divya Unni, Dileep, Jagadish, Madhu, Rajan P Dev, Ganesh Kumar, Janradanan, MG Soman, Raghu, NF V

  • Kunukkitta Kozhi

    Kunukkitta Kozhi

    by uploader3 Added 324 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie 'Kunukkitta Kozhi' release in year 1992. Directed by Viji Thampi and starring Jagadish, Parvathi, Siddique.

  • Life Is Beautiful

    Life Is Beautiful

    by uploader3 Added 365 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Life Is Beautiful 2000 Malayalam drama film directed by Fazil and starring Mohanlal, Samyuktha Varma, Geethu Mohandas, Innocent, KPAC Lalitha, Nedumudi Venu, Rizabawa, Saikumar, Saritha.

  • Vakkalath NarayanamKutty

    Vakkalath NarayanamKutty

    by uploader3 Added 349 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalm Movie Vakkalath Narayanam Kutty Malayalam Movie. Directed by T K Rajeev Kumar. Cast Jayaram, Mukesh, Manya, Jagathy Sreekumar.

  • Thanthonni


    by uploader3 Added 458 Views / Likes

    Thanthonni Full Length Malayalam Movie released in the year 2010. Directed by Varghese, produced by Shahul Hameed Marikar, written by T A Shahid, music by Thej Mervin and starring Prithviraj, Sheela, Ambika, Vijayaraghavan, Suraj Venjaramood. Movie : Than

  • Living Together

    Living Together

    by uploader3 Added 625 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Living Together release in year 2011. Directed by Fazil, Produced by Pilakandy Mohammed Ali, Music by M Jayachandran and starring Hemanth, Sreelekha, Sreejith, Nedumudi Venu, Innocent, Jinoop, Menaka, Bindu Panicker, Anoo

  • Ponnu Chami

    Ponnu Chami

    by uploader3 Added 341 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Ponnu Chami release in year 1993. Directed by Ali Akbar and starring Mala Aravindan, Asokan, Chitra, Suresh Gopi, Kalpana, Sainuddin.

  • Raavanaprabhu


    by uploader3 Added 352 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Raavanaprabhu release in year 2001. Directed by Ranjith, produce by Antony Perumbavoor, music by Suresh Peters and starring Mohanlal, Revathi, Napoleon, Vasundhara Das, Siddique, Vijayaraghavan, Saikumar, Innocent Vincent

  • Black


    by uploader3 Added 388 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Black released in the year 2004. Directed by Ranjith, produced by Lal, written by Ranjith, music by Alex Paul, Rajamani and starring Mammootty, Lal, Rahman, Babu Antony, Shreya Reddy, Babu Antony, Janardanan, Kulappully L

  • Chenkol


    by uploader3 Added 358 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Chenkol (2002), directed by Sibi Malayil, Starring Mohanlal, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Thilakan, Maniyan Pillai Raju, Johny, Santhi Krishna and others.

  • Megasandesam


    by uploader3 Added 341 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Megasandesam released in the year 2001. Directed by Rajasenan, produced by Rajasenan, written by Satheesh Poduval, M Sindhuraj, music by Ouseppachan, M G Radhakrishnan and starring Suresh Gopi, Samyuktha Varma, Rajshri Na

  • Njan Rajavu

    Njan Rajavu

    by uploader3 Added 222 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Njan Rajavu released in year 2002. Directed by Sunil Kumar, produce by CG Nair, music by Rajamani and starring Priya, Vijayaraghavan, Sreebala, Vijayan, Kunchan, Kuthiravattam Pappu, Santhakumari, Shari, Rajeev.

  • Ragam Anuragam

    Ragam Anuragam

    by uploader3 Added 290 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Ragam Anuragam released in year 1991. Directed by Nikhil, produced by Drishyalekha, music by Hari and starring Mukesh, Adoor Bhasi, Captain Raju, Madhuri.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    by uploader3 Added 346 Views / Likes

    Watch Full Length Malayalam Movie Ladies and Gentlemen released in year 2001. Directed by Gopan, produced by TK Layan, music by TK Layan and starring by Nedumudi Venu, Kottayam Santha, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Bobby Kottarakkara, Jyothi Meena, Kanya, Mamukkoya

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