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1980 - 1989

  • Kala Bazaar (1989)

    Kala Bazaar (1989)

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    The film opens at the municipal building and construction department office (Mumbai, India). The superintendent of the office, Thakur, gets a telephone call from the industrialist Ranbir Gupta. Ranbir asks if his construction permits have been approved. T

  • Popular Jeene Nahi Doonga (1984)

    Jeene Nahi Doonga (1984)

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    Badal and Reshma fall in love amid bitter animosity and hatred between their families, but will Badal sacrifice his brother's life to marry Reshma and bring peace between the two communities? Movie:- Jeene Nahi Doonga (1984) Starcast:- Dharmendra, Shatrug

  • Tahkhana (1986)

    Tahkhana (1986)

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    A dying Thakur Surjeet Singh bequeaths the entire estate to his son, Raghuvir, disowning the other, Dhurjan, the family's black sheep, who also indulges in black magic. The latter swears to use magical powers to usurp the estate, and even arranges the abd

  • Popular Purani Haveli (1989)

    Purani Haveli (1989)

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    The movie story deals with a young couple Raja and Rita are driving through a dense forest at night. Tired and sleepy, they decide to stop for the night, and find a haveli nearby. They fall asleep in the outskirts of the mansion. Around midnight, the husb

  • Aap Ke Saath (1986)

    Aap Ke Saath (1986)

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    The movie story deals with Ashok and Vimal two grandsons of K.k. Vimal a womanizer. Ashok and Ganga are in love but when Ashok was about to propose Ganga for marriage, he finds that Ganga has complained against him in police station for sexual molestation

  • Naukar Biwi Ka (1983)

    Naukar Biwi Ka (1983)

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    The movie story deals with Inspector Amar Nath who apprehends and arrests a notorious gangster who goes by different aliases, and gets him sentenced to prison for several years. Amar, who comes from a wealthy family, defies his father, Jagirdar Bishamber

  • Arpan (1983)

    Arpan (1983)

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    The movie story deals with Anil and Shobha both are in love and are about to get married. Anil goes abroad for a while. He returns after one year and finds that Shobha has married a rich man, JK. He is unaware that Shobha has done this to save the life of

  • Naam (1986)

    Naam (1986)

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    Janki Kapoor and her two sons Ravi Kapoor and Vicky Kapoor come from a poor family, and have difficulties making ends meet. To add to this burden, the family has to consider the waywardness of Vicky, who is always getting into trouble with the law. Ravi,

  • Love Story (1981)

    Love Story (1981)

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    Vijay Mehra is a wealthy builder, and loves Suman, who also loves Vijay. Ram Dogra is a civil engineer who loves Suman. Ram and Suman were friends at college time. But Vijay leaves Suman because he feels jealousy of Ram & Suman’s friendship and marries an

  • Yateem (1988)

    Yateem (1988)

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    Story revolves around a police officer who kills a bandit and adopts his orphan son. The boy becomes a police officer and falls in love with the man's daughter Gauri played by Farha. The step-mother who is the police officer's wife falls for khrishna. Mea

  • Popular Samraat (1982)

    Samraat (1982)

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    The story is about a sunken ship of gold and the quest to find it by all parties, good and bad. Captain Chawla has been employed for years with a cargo shipping company run by Ranbir. While celebrating the new year, Chawla hears gunshots and goes below to

  • Jung Baaz (1989)

    Jung Baaz (1989)

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    The movie story deals with Two men Arjun Srivastav and advocate Krishna Prasad Saxena weave war for justice in order to avenge the killings of their family members at the hands of Mahakal, Numbridas and Bahadur Singh. A bar dancer by the name of Sangeeta

  • Popular Sone Pe Suhaaga (1988)

    Sone Pe Suhaaga (1988)

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    Vijay Kumar is a well-off business industrialist who lives in Bombay in a palatial house. One day he returns home and finds out that his wallet has been stolen. Unknown to him, his wallet has ended up with a petty thief and pick-pocket named Vikram, who,

  • Aakhir Kyon? (1985)

    Aakhir Kyon? (1985)

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    The movie story is about Nisha an orphaned child who has been adopted by her relatives and raised alongside her cousin, Indu. As both cousins enter their 20s, Indu falls in love with the rich and good-looking Kabir However, Kabir takes a liking to Nisha a

  • Arth (1982)

    Arth (1982)

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    The movie story is about Pooja who grew up as an orphan girl and always dreamt of owning a house, becomes insecure when she finds out that she and her husband, Inder have to leave the apartment they rent. The twist that occurred when Inder gives her the k

  • Ek Duuje Ke Liye (1981)

    Ek Duuje Ke Liye (1981)

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    The movie is about the love between a Tamil man, Vasu and a North Indian woman, Sapna, who are neighbours in Goa. They come from totally different backgrounds and can hardly speak the other's language. Their parents despise each other and they have regula

  • Popular Yaarana (1981)

    Yaarana (1981)

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    The movie story deals with Kishan and Bishan both are childhood friends. Kishan is an orphan but he is self-sufficient and hard-working, while Bishan comes from an affluent background. The friendship between the two is extremely strong and is the bane of

  • Namkeen (1982)

    Namkeen (1982)

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  • 2:46:45 Popular Maqsad


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    Maqsad where Rajeshwar belongs to a wealthy family, and is the only son of Dharamraj, who is an industrialist, and partners with Naglingam Reddy, Nagendra, and Dhanraj. Rajeshwar meets Bharati, who comes from a very poor family, and falls in love with her

  • 2:30:50 Popular Qurbani


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    Hindi Movies Full Movie Qurbani Featuring the hot Zeenat Aman alongwith Feroz Khan and Vinod Khanna in the 1980 Hindi bollywood full movie blockbuster movie. For all top best hindi bollywood full length movies 2014, 2015, old, 80s, 90s - subscribe to Unis

  • 2:31:04 OONCHE LOG


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    Staring : Rajesh Khanna, Salma Agha, Danny Denzongpa, Pradeep Kumar, Prem Chopra, Raza Murad, Priti Sapru, Pinchoo Kapoor. Oonche Log (English language: High Society People) is an Indian Hindi film directed by Brij, released on 5 July, 1985. Thakur Vikram

  • 2:48:32 Popular Badle Ki Aag

    Badle Ki Aag

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    Badle Ki Aag where Beautiful and talented Geeta, a prostitute, has three suitors. One is Lakhan Singh, a dacoit with a heart of gold, who saved her life, loves her and will do anything for her. The second is Police Inspector Amar Verma, who loves her with

  • 2:41:57 Popular Insaaf Ki Awaaz

    Insaaf Ki Awaaz

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    Insaaf Ki Awaaz is about Jhansi Rani, an honest police officer and her husband is an honest man who works in a factory. Mahendranath and Kailashnath are two wicked man. Jhansi Rani's brother Ravi loves Mahendranath's daughter, which he doesn't like. Chand

  • 2:46:02 Popular Naukar Biwi Ka

    Naukar Biwi Ka

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    Inspector Amar Nath apprehends and arrests a notorious gangster who goes by different aliases (Deshbandhu Jagannath, Pinto, Abdul Karim), and gets him sentenced to prison for several years. Amar, who comes from a wealthy family, defies his father, Jagirda

  • 1:58:28 Sattappadi Kutram

    Sattappadi Kutram

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    Tamil Movie - Sattappadi Kutram

  • 2:33:05 Do Dilon Ki Dastaan

    Do Dilon Ki Dastaan

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    Teen love story where Vijay( Sanjay Dutt) , grandson of a rich man Brijmohan Saxena (Om Prakash) who doesnt want to settle down in life and therefore he runs away from home and reaches Kashmir. He meets tourist guide, Sona Mathur [Padmini Kolhapure], and

  • 2:35:13 Uttar Dakshin

    Uttar Dakshin

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    After the death of his mother, Raja (Jackie Shroff) comes to know that his father, Krishnakant is alive and doing well as a wealthy busniess man living with his second wife, Bharati and a son named Shankran (Rajinikanth). Raja's heart is filled with hatre

  • 2:31:14 Popular Swati


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    Watch superhit Bollywood blockbuster critical acclaimed romantic drama film, 'Swati' (1986), starring Meenakshi Sheshadri, Shashi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore, Madhuri Dixit, Vinod Mehra, Akbar Khan, Sarika. Directed by Kranthi Kumar. Produced by L.V. Prasad.

  • 2:42:03 Popular Dilwaala


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    Ravi Kumar is the younger brother of Judge Soumitra Devi and Mohan Kumar. He and his sister have different views and ideas. They lack understanding and that is why he decides to be apart from his sister. Raghu is the son of MLA Raj Shekhar. He marries Kam

  • 1:52:38 Popular Aag Ka Gola

    Aag Ka Gola

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    Tejaswini (Satnam Kaur) is jailer and Jabor Singh (Vinod Tripathy) is in Jail. One fine day he runs from jail and kills Tejaswini's family except Munna (Master Aakash) to take revenge. Tejaswini goes to commissioner (Anil Nagrath) for four prisoners Karan

  • 1:54:47 Popular Hawas Ki Raat

    Hawas Ki Raat

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    Story is based on the DEV DAASI Tradition that how a women is exploited by the so called capable and rich men of the society. MAYA is a beautiful young girl of a DEV DAASI Traditional one after another MAYA is also becoming DEV DAASI. From her childhood M

  • 2:40:55 Popular Jiyo To Aise Jiyo

    Jiyo To Aise Jiyo

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    Three brothers live together after the death of their parents. The eldest, Ramprasad, is married to Laxmi; the second, Jagdish, is married to Pinky; while the youngest, Kundan, is yet to marry. After Jagdish's marriage to Pinky, all kinds of misunderstand

  • 2:38:47 Popular Phulwari


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    Phulwari is a Bollywood Movie, directed by Mukul Dutt, starring Debashree Roy&Shashi Puri. Synopsis : Lali, the beautiful spoiled daughter of Chowdhary Saheb is the town's heart throb. Among her suitors are the local Mohan and Ravi and the rich Prakas

  • 2:41:09 Popular Babul


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    Bikram, a criminal, runs away from the police and hides in a dilapidated building where he comes across a two-year-old pretty girl. She looks mortally afraid and runs to him for shelter. She is a foundling. Reluctantly Bikram heaves her up in his arms to

  • 2:10:32 Popular Angoor


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    Angoor is based on Shakespeare's 'A comedy of errors', a story of identical twins (2 pairs) and mistaken identities. Ashok R Tilak (Sanjeev Kumar) lives in Dinkapur with his widowed mother and a servant named Bahadur (Deven Verma). He travels to another t